IPNHK poet | Zhai Yongming 翟永明


Zhai Yongming, born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, then worked as a physics institute engineer until 1986. She began publishing poetry in 1981. Traveling extensively throughout Europe, she also lived in the United States for nearly two years, during which she toured the nation by car. Consistently ranked as one of the most intriguing and challenging contemporary Chinese poets, she’s received numerous awards for her work, including the Zhongkun International Poetry Prize, the Best Ten Women Poets of China Award, the Italian Ceppo Pistoia International Literary Prize, the 31st Annual Northern California Book Awards and the Chinese Media Award. She was also invited to attend the San Francisco International Poetry Festival in the United States in 2009. Among her many poetry collections are WomanAbove All Roses; The Collected Poems of Zhai Yongming; Call It All; Fourteen Plain Songs; and Interlinear Spaces. Her poetry has been translated into English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and German. She has also published six collections of essays and literary criticism. She lives in Chengdu, where she owns and operates the art and literary bar, “White Nights”.

翟永明,四川成都人,畢業於成都電子科技大學,曾就職於某物理研究所。1981 年開始發表詩歌作品,1986 年離職,後專注寫作。1998 年在成都開「白夜」酒吧,亦為文化沙龍,在此間策劃、舉辦了一系列跨領域文化活動,經營至今。著有詩集《女人》、《在一切玫瑰之上》、《稱之為一切》、《終於使我周轉不靈》、《十四首素歌》、《行間距》等九種,詩文集《最委婉的詞》,散文、文論集《紙上建築》、《堅韌的破碎之花》、《正如你所看到的》、《天賦如此》等。 作品被譯為英語、法語、荷蘭語、意大利語、西班牙語、德語等,並在上述語系國家發表出版。2007 年獲「中坤國際詩歌獎」,2009 年應邀參加美國舊金山國際詩歌節,2012 年獲意大利「Ceppo Pistoia 國際文學獎」,同年獲得第三十一屆美國北加州圖書獎(The 31st Annual Northern California Book Awards)翻譯類圖書獎, 2013 年獲第十三屆華語文學傳媒大獎「傑出作家獎」。