Bao Kun 鮑昆


Bao Kun is a photographer, visual culture critic, and curator. He was the editor-in-chief of CCTV’s Instant World. Bao served as a judge of China International Photography Art Exhibition, China Photography Awards, as well as the curator and academic BBS host of several international photography festivals in cities. He is the author of The Inspiration of Time and Watching and Re-watching—Contemporary Image Culture, and the editor of Photography China—50 Years of Chinese Photography.
鮑昆,中國著名攝影家、視覺文化評論家、策展人。曾擔任 CCTV《瞬間世界》欄目主編,中國國際攝影藝術展覽、中國攝影金像獎評委,以及多個城市國際攝影節策展人和學術論壇主持人。著有文集《時間的躁動》、《觀看·再觀看——當代影像文化》等,主編《攝影中國——中國攝影 50 年》。



Bei Dao 北島


Bei Dao, whose original name is Zhao Zhenkai, was born in Beijing in 1949. In 1978, he founded a literary magazine Today with his friends in Beijing. Since 1987, he has been teaching in many universities in Europe, the United States, and Hong Kong. His works have been translated into 30 languages. He was awarded the Swedish PEN Literature Prize, the American Guggenheim Prize, and the highest honor of Golden Wreath Prize of the Macedonian Struga International Poetry Festival. He is an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. In 2009, Bei Dao founded Hong Kong International Poetry Night, currently the most influential international poetry festival in Asia. He created the Hong Kong Poetry Festival Foundation in 2018.

北島,原名趙振開,1949 年生於北京,1978 年和朋友在北京創辦文學雜志《今天》。自 1987 年起,在歐美及香港多所大學教書或任駐校作家,其作品被譯成30種文字,曾獲瑞典筆會文學獎、美國古根漢獎、馬其頓斯特魯加國際詩歌節最高榮譽金花環獎等,獲選美國藝術文學院終身榮譽院士。2009 年創辦亞洲最具影響力的國際詩歌節——香港國際詩歌之夜,2018 年創建香港詩歌節基金會。



Han Shaogong 韓少功


Han Shaogong is one of the representative names of Chinese contemporary literature. During the mid-1980s, he led the development of a literary school called Root-seeking literature, the practitioners of which sought to distill an independent, Chinese narrative from their rural backgrounds. A prolific writer, Han Shaogong is famous for his novellas Da Da Da and Woman Woman Woman, as well as for the full-length novel A Dictionary of Maqiao, first published in 1996 and translated by Julia Lovell into English in 2003.

韓少功是中國新時期文學代表作家之一。在一九八〇年代中期,他倡導了「尋根文學」的文學流派的發展,其實踐者試圖從他們的農村背景中提煉出獨立的「中國式」敘事方式。韓少功是一位多產的作家,他以其小說《爸爸爸》和《女女女》,以及 1996 年首次出版的《馬橋詞典》而聞名。《馬橋詞典》由朱莉婭·洛弗爾(Julia Lovell)於 2003 年翻譯成英文出版。


Ouyang Jianghe 歐陽江河


Ouyang Jianghe was born in 1956 in Luzhou, Sichuan Province. He is a renowned Chinese poet, critic of poetry and culture and calligrapher and is Director of the publication Today and a professor at Beijing Normal University. Among his works published in the People’s Republic of China are ten books of poetry—including Who Leaves and Who Stays, Such a learned hunger and Da shi da fei—and his collection of reviews and essays Standing on This Side of Fabrication. His works have also been published in German, English and French. Ouyang Jianghe’s writing style and ideology on poetry display contemporary art characteristics and have generated a huge and ongoing impact on society. He was awarded the Chinese Literature Media Award in Poetry and the Xu Zhimo Poetry Prize.

歐陽江河,1956 年生於四川省瀘州市,中國著名詩人、詩文批評家和書法家,《今天》文學社社長和北京師範大學的教授。他在中國出版多本詩集、評論和散文集,包括《誰去誰留》、《如此博學的飢餓》、《大是大非》、《站在虛構這邊》等等,同時他的作品亦以多種語言翻譯出版。歐陽江河是一九八〇年代以來中國新詩運動最傑出的代表人物。他的詩歌創作風格和思想體現了當代藝術特色,對社會產生了巨大而持續的影響。曾獲華語文學傳媒大獎和徐志摩詩歌獎。


Zhai Yongming 翟永明


Zhai Yongming, born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, then worked as a physics institute engineer until 1986. She began publishing poetry in 1981. Traveling extensively throughout Europe, she also lived in the United States for nearly two years, during which she toured the nation by car. Consistently ranked as one of the most intriguing and challenging contemporary Chinese poets, she’s received numerous awards for her work, including the Zhongkun International Poetry Prize, the Best Ten Women Poets of China Award, the Italian Ceppo Pistoia International Literary Prize, the 31st Annual Northern California Book Awards and the Chinese Media Award. She was also invited to attend the San Francisco International Poetry Festival in the United States in 2009. Among her many poetry collections are WomanAbove All Roses; The Collected Poems of Zhai Yongming; Call It All; Fourteen Plain Songs; and Interlinear Spaces. Her poetry has been translated into English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and German. She has also published six collections of essays and literary criticism. She lives in Chengdu, where she owns and operates the art and literary bar, “White Nights”.

翟永明,四川成都人,畢業於成都電子科技大學,曾就職於某物理研究所。1981 年開始發表詩歌作品,1986 年離職,後專注寫作。1998 年在成都開「白夜」酒吧,亦為文化沙龍,在此間策劃、舉辦了一系列跨領域文化活動,經營至今。著有詩集《女人》、《在一切玫瑰之上》、《稱之為一切》、《終於使我周轉不靈》、《十四首素歌》、《行間距》等九種,詩文集《最委婉的詞》,散文、文論集《紙上建築》、《堅韌的破碎之花》、《正如你所看到的》、《天賦如此》等。 作品被譯為英語、法語、荷蘭語、意大利語、西班牙語、德語等,並在上述語系國家發表出版。2007 年獲「中坤國際詩歌獎」,2009 年應邀參加美國舊金山國際詩歌節,2012 年獲意大利「Ceppo Pistoia 國際文學獎」,同年獲得第三十一屆美國北加州圖書獎(The 31st Annual Northern California Book Awards)翻譯類圖書獎, 2013 年獲第十三屆華語文學傳媒大獎「傑出作家獎」。