Li Tuo 李陀


Li Tuo is a Chinese writer, critic and adjunct research associate in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University. He is the author of the novel Beijing Blues, Wither Falls the Avalanche, as well as numerous other works. In the 1980s, he became a prize winning fiction writer and screenplay writer. In his role as the Executive Editor of Beijing Literature, he helped bring about a new generation of avant-garde writers in contemporary China. Li Tuo was the founding editorof Horizons in the mid-1990s and co-edited the journal with Chen Yangu. He is also a longstanding member of the editorial board of the literary magazine Today.

李陀,作家、評論家。著作包括《雪崩何處》,《無名指》等。八十年代期間,他主要從事小說和電影劇本的創作,並擔任《北京文學》副主編, 對新一代先鋒文學的培養和開拓做出了重要貢獻。九十年代中期始與陳燕谷共同創建和主編以「新學人、新學術、新思想」為目標的《視界》,並長期參與文學刊物《今天》的出版和編輯工作。現為哥倫比亞大學東亞系客座研究員。