IPNHK poet | Ouyang Jianghe 歐陽江河


Ouyang Jianghe was born in 1956 in Luzhou, Sichuan Province. He is a renowned Chinese poet, critic of poetry and culture and calligrapher and is Director of the publication Today and a professor at Beijing Normal University. Among his works published in the People’s Republic of China are ten books of poetry—including Who Leaves and Who Stays, Such a learned hunger and Da shi da fei—and his collection of reviews and essays Standing on This Side of Fabrication. His works have also been published in German, English and French. Ouyang Jianghe’s writing style and ideology on poetry display contemporary art characteristics and have generated a huge and ongoing impact on society. He was awarded the Chinese Literature Media Award in Poetry and the Xu Zhimo Poetry Prize.

歐陽江河,1956 年生於四川省瀘州市,中國著名詩人、詩文批評家和書法家,《今天》文學社社長和北京師範大學的教授。他在中國出版多本詩集、評論和散文集,包括《誰去誰留》、《如此博學的飢餓》、《大是大非》、《站在虛構這邊》等等,同時他的作品亦以多種語言翻譯出版。歐陽江河是一九八〇年代以來中國新詩運動最傑出的代表人物。他的詩歌創作風格和思想體現了當代藝術特色,對社會產生了巨大而持續的影響。曾獲華語文學傳媒大獎和徐志摩詩歌獎。