Han Shaogong 韓少功


Han Shaogong is one of the representative names of Chinese contemporary literature. During the mid-1980s, he led the development of a literary school called Root-seeking literature, the practitioners of which sought to distill an independent, Chinese narrative from their rural backgrounds. A prolific writer, Han Shaogong is famous for his novellas Da Da Da and Woman Woman Woman, as well as for the full-length novel A Dictionary of Maqiao, first published in 1996 and translated by Julia Lovell into English in 2003.

韓少功是中國新時期文學代表作家之一。在一九八〇年代中期,他倡導了「尋根文學」的文學流派的發展,其實踐者試圖從他們的農村背景中提煉出獨立的「中國式」敘事方式。韓少功是一位多產的作家,他以其小說《爸爸爸》和《女女女》,以及 1996 年首次出版的《馬橋詞典》而聞名。《馬橋詞典》由朱莉婭·洛弗爾(Julia Lovell)於 2003 年翻譯成英文出版。