K. Satchidanandan


K. Satchidanandan is perhaps the most translated of contemporary Indian poets, having 31 collections of translation in 19 languages including Chinese, English, Irish, Arabic, French, German and Italian, as well as all major Indian languages like Tamil, Bengali and Hindi. His selected essays in six theme-based volumes are being brought out by Mathrubhumi Books. He has represented India to attend many international literary festivals and book fairs. He was a professor of English, and later the chief executive of the Sahitya Akademi (Indian National Academy of Literature), the Director of the School of Translation Studies, Indira Gandhi Open University and National Fellow, Indian Institute of Advanced Study. He is a Fellow of the Kerala Sahitya Akademi and has won 42 literary awards from different states and countries.

K. 薩奇達南丹(K. Satchidanandan)是當代印度詩人中被翻譯得最多的詩人,發表過 31 本翻譯詩集,共 19 種語言,包括中文、英文、愛爾蘭語、阿拉伯語、法文、德文及意大利文,以及印度的主要語言如坦米爾語、孟加拉文和印度語。他是英語教授,後擔任印度國家文學院院長、英迪拉甘地公開大學翻譯學院總監、印度高級研究所國家研究員,亦是喀拉拉邦文學院成員,曾多次代表印度參加國際文學節及書展,並於不同國家地區贏得 42 個文學相關獎項。他以主題分類的六卷精選集將由 Mathrubhumi Books 出版。