IPNHK POET | Moon Chung-hee

Moon Chung-hee

Moon Chung-hee is a poet and Endowed Chair Professor at Dongguk University. She has won prestigious awards such as the Sowol Poetry Award, the Chong Chi-Yong Literature Prize, the Mogwol Literature Prize, and Sweden’s Cikada Prize. She has participated in the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa. English editions of her books include Windflower, Woman on the Terrace, and I Must Be the Wind.

文貞姬,詩人,東國大學講座教授,曾獲現代文學獎、素月詩歌獎、鄭芝溶文學獎、瑞典「蟬」國際文學獎等。2004年詩集《噴泉》獲馬其頓泰托沃世界文學論壇年度詩人獎。2008年獲韓國藝術評論家協會年度最優秀藝術家獎。曾參加美國愛荷華大學國際寫作計劃。英譯詩集有Windflower, Woman on the Terrace 及I Must Be the Wind。