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Nuno Júdice

Nuno Júdice graduated in Romance Philology from the University of Lisbon and received his doctorate in 1989 with a thesis on Medieval Literature. He served from 1997 to 2004 as the cultural attaché of the Portuguese Embassy in Paris and Director of the Camões Institute also in Paris. He was teacher of Portuguese and French Literature in the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He has published studies on Theory of Literature and Portuguese Literature and maintains a regular contributor in the press. He was Commissioner for the area of Portuguese literature representing the 49th Book Fair in Frankfurt, which had Portugal as a country theme. His works are not only about poetry and fiction but also essays, theatre, critical edition and anthology. He is the Director since 2009 of Colóquio-Letras, literary magazine of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. In 2013 he received the Poetry Prize Reina Sofia for Ibero-American Poetry. Many of his books are translated in several languages, mainly Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic.

奴諾•朱迪斯,1949年生於葡萄牙南部阿爾加維,本科畢業於里斯本大學羅曼語言系,1989年獲得文學博士學位。1997年至2004年擔任葡萄牙駐巴黎大使館文化參讚,同時兼任巴黎賈梅士學院主任。他還曾在里斯本新大學教授葡萄牙文學和法國文學。作為葡萄牙當代最有代表性詩人之一,他著述豐富,涉獵廣泛,除了已發表的大量詩歌外,在散文、戲劇、文學研究與詩歌批評方面也成果豐碩, 同時他也為報紙撰稿。他還曾擔任法蘭克福第四十九屆書展葡萄牙文學顧問(該屆葡萄牙為主題國)。2009年,他開始擔任高秉根基金會轄下的文學雜誌 Colóquio-Letras的主編。 他多次獲獎,2013年榮獲「伊比利亞–美洲索菲婭皇后詩歌獎」。他的著作已經被翻譯成多種語言,特別是西班牙文、法文、義大利文和阿拉伯文。