Mark Tredinnick

Mark Tredinnick is a celebrated poet, essayist, and writing teacher. His honours include the Montreal and Cardiff Poetry Prizes, The Blake and Newcastle Poetry Prizes, two Premiers’ Literature Awards, and the Calibre Essay Prize. The Blue Plateau, his landscape memoir, shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Prize. He travels and teaches widely, in schools and at festivals, through Australia and in the US and UK. In 2016 his poem “The Horse” won the ACU Poetry Prize; in March 2017, his poem “Panic Very Softly, Love” won the Ron Pretty Poetry Prize.

馬克•卓狄尼,當代澳洲著名詩人、散文家,在澳洲各地學校教寫作,參加過澳洲、美國和英國等地的文學節。曾獲Montreal詩歌獎、Cardiff詩歌獎、Blake詩歌獎、Newcastle詩歌獎、Calibre散文獎。兩次獲頒澳洲國內的州長文學獎。他所著的地景回憶錄The Blue Plateau入選澳洲總理文學獎。2016年獲ACU詩歌獎;2017年獲Ron Pretty詩歌獎。