IPNHK POET | Maram al-Masri

Maram al-Masri

Maram al-Masri moved to Paris in 1982 after studying English literature at Damascus. At present she dedicates herself exclusively to literature and translation. Besides numerous poems published in literary journals, in several Arab anthologies and in various international anthologies, she has published several collections of poems. Thus far her work has been translated into eight languages. Received awards include “Adonis Prize” of the Lebanese Cultural Forum for the best creative work in Arabic in 1998, “Premio Città di Calopezzati” for the section “Poésie de la Méditerranée”, “Prix d’Automne 2007” of the Société des gens de lettres.

馬蘭‧阿勒瑪斯麗,曾於在大馬士革修讀英國文學,1982年移居巴黎,現專事寫作和翻譯。她的詩作廣泛發表於文學雜誌、阿拉伯文詩選以及國際詩選,譯成八種語言在多國傳播。曾獲黎巴嫩文化論壇頒發Adonis獎(1998)、Città di Calopezzati詩歌獎(地中海類)、法國文學家協會 Prix d’Automne 獎(2007)。