IPNHK POET | María Baranda

María Baranda

María Baranda (Mexico) was born in Mexico City in 1962. She has published a dozen books of poetry and eight works of children’s literature. Her most recent poetry book is El mar insuficiente (Selected Poems) published in 2010. Among the many prizes she has received are the Aguascalientes National Poetry Prize of Mexico and the Villa de Madrid Latin American Poetry Prize in Spain. Her poetry has been translated into English, French, German, Portuguese and Turkish. In the U.S.A., her poems have appeared in Chicago Review, Zoland Poetry, Boston Review, Circumference, Washington Square, and in the anthologies Connecting Lines: New Poetry from Mexico (Sarabande Books) and Reversible Monuments: Contemporary Mexican Poetry (Copper Canyon Press).

瑪麗婭•巴蘭達。1962年生於墨西哥城。已出版十餘部詩集與八部兒童文學作品。近作為2010年出版的詩作選集《貧瘠的海》(詩歌選集)。曾獲獎項包括墨西哥的阿瓜斯卡連特國家詩歌獎與西班牙馬德裡城市拉丁美洲詩歌獎。詩作被翻譯為英語、法語、德語、葡萄牙語和土耳其語,並選登於多本美國雜誌如《芝加哥評論》、美國詩年刊(Zoland Poetry)、《波士頓評論》、《圓周》、《華盛頓廣場》等,同時也被收入詩歌合集如《連接線:墨西哥新詩》(Sarabande出版社)與《可逆轉的紀念碑:當代墨西哥詩歌》(Copper Canyon出版社)。