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Paul Muldoon

Paul Muldoon (Ireland) was born in 1951 in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, Paul Muldoon was educated in Armagh and at Queen’s University of Belfast. From 1973 to 1986 he worked in Belfast as a radio and television producer for the British Broadcasting Corporation. Since 1987 he has lived in the United States, where he is now Howard G.B. Clark ’21 Professor at Princeton University and Founding Chair of the Lewis Center for the Arts. Between 1999 and 2004 he was Professor of Poetry at the University of Oxford. In 2007 he was appointed poetry editor of The New Yorker. Paul Muldoon’s main collections of poetry are New Weather (1973), Mules (1977), Why Brownlee Left (1980), Quoof (1983), Meeting The British (1987), Madoc: A Mystery (1990), The Annals of Chile (1994), Hay (1998), Poems 1968-1998 (2001), Moy Sand and Gravel (2002), Horse Latitudes (2006) and Maggot (2010).

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Paul Muldoon was elected a Member of the American Academy in Arts and Letters in 2008. Among his recent awards are the 1994 T.S. Eliot Prize, the 1997 Irish Times Poetry Prize, the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, the 2003 International Griffin Prize, the 2004 American Ireland Fund Literary Award, and the 2004 Shakespeare Prize given ‘for contributions from English-speaking Europe to the European cultural heritage.’

保羅•穆耳頓達。1951年生於北愛爾蘭阿馬郡,曾於阿馬郡及貝爾法斯特女王大學(Queen’s University)接受教育。1973至1986年間曾在駐貝爾法斯特的英國廣播公司任職電臺及電視製作人。自1987年居於紐約,於普林斯頓大學當Howard G.B. Clark ’21教授,亦是路易士藝術中心的創辦主席。1999至2004 年間於牛頓大學任職詩學教授。2007年獲報章《紐約人》聘任為詩歌部編輯。穆耳頓主要的詩集包括《新氣候》(1973)、《騾子》(1977)、《布朗利為何離去》(1980),《Quoof》(1983)、《遇見英國》(1987)、《瑪鐸的神秘故事》(1990)、《智利編年史》(1994)、《乾草》(1998)、《1968至1998年詩集》 (2001)、《梅沙與砂礫》(2002)、《馬緯度》(2006)和《馬嘎》(2010).

穆耳頓是英國皇家文學學會會士及美國藝術與科學院院士,並於2008 年獲選為美國藝術文學院院士。近年獲得的獎項包括1994年的艾略特詩歌獎、1997年的愛爾蘭時代詩歌獎、2003年的普立茲詩歌獎、2003年國際葛里芬獎、2004年美國愛爾蘭基金文學獎、及2004年的莎士比亞獎,以推崇他『從歐洲英語世界帶給歐洲文化的貢獻』。