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Carolyn D. Wright

Carolyn D. Wright (USA) originally come from the Arkansas Ozarks, Caroline D. Wright lives in Rhode Island and is on the faculty at Brown University. She is the author of more than a dozen books and most recently, One With Others: a little book of her days in 2010, which won the National Book Critics Circle Award. Her 2009 book Rising, Falling, Hovering won the 2009 International Griffin Poetry Prize. With photographer Deborah Luster she published One Big Self: Prisoners of Louisiana, which won the Lange-Taylor Prize from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. On a fellowship for writers from the Wallace-Foundation she curated ‘Walk-in Book of Arkansas’, a multi-media exhibition that toured throughout her native state. In 2004 she was named a MacArthur Fellow and in 2005 she was given the Robert Creeley Award.

卡洛琳•賴特。出生於阿肯色州歐薩克,現居羅德島,任教於布朗大學。著作超過十餘本,2010年近作《人在人間:有關她的日子的小書》(One With Others: a little book of her days)獲國家圖書評論獎(National Book Critics Circle Award)。2009年作品《上升,下降,懸空》(Rising, Falling, Hovering) 獲2009年國際格裏芬詩歌獎(International Griffin Poetry Prize)。她與攝影家迪波拉·勒斯特共同出版了《一個大自我:路易士安納的囚徒》(One Big Self: Prisoners of Louisiana) ,獲杜克大學的紀錄片研究中心的朗格·泰勒獎(Lange-Taylor Prize)。獲華萊士基金會學術獎金,賴特舉辦了名為「走進阿肯色之書(Walk-in Book of Arkansas)」的多媒體展覽,在她出生的阿肯色州巡迴展出。2004年獲麥克亞瑟學者稱號,2005年獲羅伯特·克裏利獎。