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Bejan Matur

Bejan Matur (Turkey) was born of an Alevi Kurdish family on 14 September 1968 in the ancient Hittite city of Marash in Southeast Turkey. She studied Law at Ankara University, but has never practiced. In her university years, her poetry was published in several literary periodicals. Reviewers found her poetry ‘dark and mystic’. The shamanist poetry with its pagan perceptions, belonging to the past rather than the present, of her birthplace and the nature and life of her village, attracted much attention. Her first book, Rüzgar Dolu Konaklar (Winds Howl Through the Mansions) published in 1996 won several literary prizes. Her following books, Tanrı Görmesin Harflerimi (God Must Not See The Letter of My Script) in 1999, Ayın Büyüttüğü Oğullar (The Sons Reared by the Moon) and Onun Çölünde (In His Desert), both published in 2002, were warmly greeted. Her poetry has been translated up to 17 languages. Her book İbrahim’in Beni Terketmesi (Leaving of Abraham), published in March 2008, was considered by the critics to be her best book ever, creating a personal ontology and a personal mythology inspired by thousands of years of Sufi Tradition. In 2010, she published Kader Denizi (Sea of Fate) with the photographs taken by Mehmet Günyeli after his exhibition in prestigious galleries in Istanbul and Ankara. Her most recent book, published in February 2011, is called Dağın Ardına Bakmak (Looking Behind the Mountain) and is her first prose book.


白江•馬突爾。1968年9月14日生於位於土耳其東南西臺古城馬拉什的一個阿勒維•庫爾德族家庭。曾在安哥拉大學修讀法律,但從未執業。求學期間曾在多本文學期刊發表詩作。她的詩歌被評為『黑暗和神秘』。她的充滿異教意象的巫術詩歌曾經引起極大的關注,內容在時態上脫離當下,回歸過去,回到她的出生地和家鄉的大自然和生活中。1996年出版的第一本專輯《嘯嘯風聲響徹大宅》曾獲得多個文學獎。之後出版的詩集,包括1999年的《神絕不可窺見我手寫的字體》及2002年的《月亮撫養的兒子》和《在他的沙漠中》都受到廣泛的稱許。她的詩歌曾被翻譯成十七種語言。2008年三月出版的《阿伯拉罕的告別》被評論家喻為是馬突爾最優秀的作品,靈感來自數千年來的Sufi傳統,並成功地創造出自我的本體和個人的神話。2010年出版的《命運的海洋》收集了Mehmet Günyeli在伊斯坦布爾和安哥拉著名畫廊展出過的攝影作品。她最新的作品《望過山背後》於2011年二月出版,是她第一本的散文集。