IPNHK POET | Agnes S. L. Lam

Agnes S. L. Lam , born in Hong Kong, later studied in Singapore and America. In 2012, she retired as Professor from the University of Hong Kong. She also held visitorships from Fulbright, the British Council and several universities at different times. Representative works include: Woman to woman and other poems (1997), Water wood pure splendour (2001) and A pond in the sky (2013). Some of her poems have been translated into German, Italian and other languages. An Honorary Fellow in Writing by the University of Iowa (2008), she was awarded the Nosside International Poetry Prize (Special Mention, 2008). In 2009, she also received a Commendation from the Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR, in recognition of her outstanding achievements in international arts and cultural activities. As a researcher, she has long been well known for her pioneering volume, Language education in China: Policy and experience from 1949 (2005, HKU Press). More recently, she is also noted for her work on Asian poetry in English. Her book, Becoming poets: The Asian English experience (2014, Peter Lang), ‘with its breadth of reference and depth of investigation’, has been hailed as ‘a cogent assessment of the Asian English experience’ (Asiatic, Dec 2015, reviewer: Murari Prasad).

林舜玲,於香港,負笈新加坡及美國留學。她前任香港大學教授,2012年退休,並曾為傅爾布萊特基金、英國文化協會及數家大學的訪問學人。代表著作包括Woman to Woman and Other Poems (1997), Water Wood Pure Splendour (2001) 和A Pond in the Sky (2013),部分詩作並獲譯成德文、意大利文及其他語言。林舜玲於2008年獲愛荷華大學頒授寫作榮譽院士,並於意大利諾西德國際詩歌比賽奪得「特別表揚獎」。翌年,她榮獲香港民政事務處「嘉許狀」,以誌她於國際藝文活動的建樹。林舜玲致力學術研究,其著作Language Education in China: Policy and Experience from 1949 (2005, HKU Press),論證新穎,領先同儕。近年她鑽研亞洲的英語詩作,備受矚目,其論著Becoming Poets: The Asian English Experience (2014, Peter Lang)「參照之廣、探究之深」,實為「亞洲英語體驗的有力考察」(2015年十二月號Asiatic,書評人:Murari Prasad)。