IPNHK POET | Gemma Gorga

Gemma Gorga

Gemma Gorga, born in Barcelona in 1968, has a Ph.D. in Philology from the University of Barcelona, where she works as a teacher of Ancient Literature. She has published six collections of poetry: Ocellania (Birdology, 1997), El desordre de les mans (Disorder of the Hands, 2003), Instruments òptics (Optic Instruments, 2005), Llibre dels minuts (Book of Minutes, 2006), Diafragma (Diaphragm, 2013, with the photographer Joan Ramell) and Mur (Wall, 2015). Among her non-fiction works, she has published Within the Natural Kitchen: Health, Tradition and Pleasure at the Table (2004, with Antoni Lozano). Following a three-month residence with the Sanskriti Foundation in New Delhi, she translated the work of contemporary anglophone Indian poet Dilip Chitre (Vint esmorzars cap a la mort, Twenty Breakfasts Towards Death, 2013). A selection of Gorga’s poems has been included in Pere Ballart’s anthology Six Catalan Poets, published by Arc in 2013.

詹瑪‧歌爾伽,1968年出生於巴塞隆納,在巴塞隆納大學取得文獻學博士學位,現於該校任教古典文學課程。歌爾伽出版過六本詩集,包括《鳥類學》(1997)、《手的障礙》(2003)、《光學儀器》(2005) 、《書頁時刻》(2006)、《隔膜》(2013) 和《牆》(2015),另有合著非虛構類書籍《自然廚房裏:飯桌上的健康、傳統與快樂》(2004)。歌爾伽在印度新德里梵文基金會任駐留詩人三個月後,陸續在翻譯印度當代英文詩歌,現已出版狄麗普‧切特熱的詩集《邁向死亡的十二次早餐》(2013)。歌爾伽詩作的英譯被收錄於《加泰隆尼亞詩人六家》(弧形出版社,2013)。