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Menna Elfyn

Menna Elfyn is award winning poet and playwright. She has published over twelve volumes of poetry including Aderyn Bach Mewn Llaw( Bird in Hand (1990) winner of Welsh Arts Council prize for best volume of the year.

Four volumes has appeared bilingually by Bloodaxe Books, Cell Angel (1996), Blind Man’s Kiss, (2001) and Perfect Blemish ( 2007) and her latest Murmur was chosen as Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation for autumn 2012. Her other works include libretti for various composers in Wales and America. She was co-librettist for ‘Garden of Light’, a choral symphony for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in 1999 and more recently an oratorio for Welsh National Opera ‘Gair ar Gnawd’ ( Word on Flesh). She has also written numerous stage, radio and television plays and has a regular column in the national newspaper of Wales, The Western Mail since 1995.

She was made Poet Laureate for the Children of Wales in 2002-2003 . She received the Foreign poetry prize in Sardinia in 2009 for her poetry and was also nominated for the Evelyn Encelot prize for European women poets. Her other awards include honorary Fellow of Literature Wales and Royal Literary Fellow at Aberystwyth University. In 2009, she received an award from Arts Council Wales to write on ‘Sleep’. She is the most travelled and translated of all Welsh language poets and her work has been translated into 18 languages.

She is Director of the Masters programme in Creative Writing at University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

曼娜.埃爾芬是屢獲殊榮的的詩人和劇作家,出版逾十二本詩集,當中的《手中鳥》( 1990)榮獲威爾斯藝術局榮譽獎的「年度最佳詩集」。

埃爾芬的其中四卷詩集由Bloodaxe Book 推出雙語版本,包括《細胞天使》( 1996)、《瞎子的親吻》( 2001)、《完美缺陷》(2007)及2012年秋季為詩集協會推薦翻譯獎獲選的最新詩集《細語》。

她亦為威爾斯和美國多位作曲家填詞,並為紐約愛樂樂團1999年之合唱交響曲《光之林》及近期威爾斯國立歌劇院清唱劇《血肉之字》的填詞人之一。另外, 艾芬創作了大量舞台劇、廣播劇和電視劇,並自1995年起於英國威爾斯大報《西部郵報》定期撰寫專欄。

她在2002–2003 年度成為威爾斯兒童桂冠詩人,2009年於撒丁島獲得外國詩歌獎,並獲提名為伊夫林.蘭斯洛特獎的歐洲女詩人,亦獲授予威爾斯文學名譽院士和阿伯里斯特威斯大學皇家文學研究員。2009年,她獲得威爾斯藝術委員會頒發的獎項,寫成《睡眠》一書。埃爾芬是威爾斯語詩人中最為人熟悉且翻譯作品最多的詩人,其作品已翻譯成18種語言。她現為威爾斯大學三一聖大衛學院創意寫作碩士課程主任。