IPNHK POET | Lo Chih Cheng

Lo Chih Cheng

Born in Taipei, Lo Chih Cheng (Luo Zhicheng) graduated from the Department of Philosophy of National Taiwan University. After having worked as editor for China Times for two years, he went to study at University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he earned an M.A. in East Asian Languages and Literature and completed course work in the doctoral program. Since returning to Taiwan, he has assumed various editorial positions at newspapers, magazines and publishing companies and became the publisher of several publishing companies and has taught at several universities for more than 20 years. Active in the media, including television and broadcasting, he also served some official positions such as Commissioner of the Department of Information of Taipei city government and Director of Kwang Hua Information and Cultural Center (Hong Kong). Lo published his first book of poems, which he not only self-financed but also designed and illustrated, in 1975. Since then he has published more than ten books of poetry, five books of prose or critical essays, two books of travel writing and various translations. Lo have received several important literary prizes, organized 2002, 2003 and 2010 Taipei Poetry Festival and participated in 2004 French Spring poetry Festival at Paris and 2005 Literary Festival at Berlin. Lo’s literary works are famous for their philosophical profoundness, imaginative imagery, lyrical syntax and original insight. Already an established poet in the 1970s, he has continued to influence poets of a younger generation.