GANDER, Forrest

Forrest GANDER (USA) is a writer and translator with degrees in geology and English literature. He taught at Harvard University and is now the AK Seaver Professor Emeritus of Literary Arts & Comparative Literature at Brown University. Gander’s book Core Samples from the World, a meditation on the ways we are revised and translated in encounters with the foreign, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award. His collection Be With won 2019 Pulitzer Prize. Gander has translated many books by writers from Latin America and Spain; co-translated books by Japanese poets Nomura Kiwao and Yoshimasu Gozo; and promoted English translations of books by Duo Duo, Ouyang Jianghe, Zhai Yongming and others.

弗羅斯特.甘德(美國),作家與翻譯家,擁有地質學和英語文學學位,曾於哈佛大學任教,現為布朗大學A.K. Seaver文學藝術與比較文學榮休教授。他的著作《來自世界的核心樣本》反思了我們跟外國接觸時如何被修繕和翻譯,這本書入選普利策獎的最終名單以及全美書評界大獎。他的詩集《陪伴》贏得2019年普立茲獎。甘德翻譯了大量拉丁美洲和西班牙作家的著作,合作翻譯過日本詩人野村喜和夫和吉増剛造的詩集,並致力於推廣多多、歐陽江河和翟永明等當代中國詩人的英譯本。