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Haris Vlavianos

Haris Vlavianos , born in Rome in 1957, is a prolific poet, translator and scholar. He studied Economics and Philosophy at the University of Bristol (B.Sc) and Politics, History and International Relations (M.Phil, D.Phil) at the University of Oxford (Trinity College). He has published twelve collections of poetry, including Vacation in Reality (2009), which won the prestigious “Diavazo” Poetry Prize and was short-listed for National Poetry Prize, and Sonnets of Despair (2011) which was also short-listed for the National Poetry Prize. For his contribution in promoting Italian literature and culture in Greece, the President of the Italian Republic bestowed upon him in February 2005 the title of “Cavaliere”, while the Dante Society of Italy awarded him the “Dante Prize” for his publications on the Divine Comedy.

哈里斯‧武拉維亞諾斯,詩人、譯者、學者,1957年出生於羅馬,在布里斯托大學學習經濟學和哲學,在牛津大學(三一學院)取得哲學碩士和哲學博士學位。著有十二本詩集,其中Vacation in Reality(2009)獲Diavazo詩歌獎並入選希臘國家詩歌獎決選名單,另外Sonnets of Despair(2011)也入選過該獎項決選名單。他曾將但丁的《神曲》譯為希臘文出版。2005年2月,意大利總理親自為他頒發Cavaliere騎士名譽,意大利但丁學會亦頒發但丁獎,表彰他對意大利文化的貢獻。