IPNHK POET | Noriko Mizuta


Noriko Mizuta’s free-verse poetry has blended transnational feminist perspectives with meditations on the meaning of family and home through five decades. Mizuta joined the Boomerang Society poetry circle when she was an undergraduate in Japan. She then continued writing in the U.S., publishing End of Spring (1976) and Interlude (1980), and co-authored Amber in Flames (1996) with Ohba Minako, while living in Riverside, California. Mizuta returned to Japan in 1985, and published her major critical works of modern Japanese women writers. She has established together with Chinese poets the Japan-China Association for Short Poetry. Mizuta has also translated works by Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, and E. Anne Kaplan into Japanese. In 2009, she founded the poetry journal Carillon Street. Recent collections have included The Road Home (2008); the three-part Summer Holidays in Santa Barbara (2010), A Wedding in Amsterdam (2013), Sabbath in Tokyo (2015); and Sea of Blue Algae (2013), which explores themes of the life-cycle, humans’ origins and destinations, and the acceptance of mourning. Mizuta received the Cikada Prize (2013), founded to commemorate Swedish poet and Nobel laureate, Harry Martinson.