IPNHK POET | Gleb Shulpyakov


Gleb Shulpyakov, born in 1971, graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in journalism, and now lives in Moscow. His first full-length book of poems The Flick was published in 2001, and was awarded the prestigious Triumph Prize. Shulpyakov’s books of travel essays, Persona Grappa and Uncle’s Dream, were published in 2002 and 2005. He is also the author of the guide Cognac, as well as the novels The Sinan Book (2005), Tsunami (2008), Fez (2010), and numerous essays and criticism for Russian periodicals. Shulpyakov’s play Pushkin in America became laureate of “Dramatis personae” concourse in 2005. He is a translator of the poetry of Ted Hughes and Robert Hass, and W. H. Auden’s essays into Russian. His second book of poems, Acorn, was published in 2007. Fireproof box, Shulpyakov’s collected poems in English (translated by Christopher Mattison), was shortlisted for the Best Translated Book Award in 2012. The English translation of his recent poetry collection Letters to Yakub (2012) was published in 2014. He is currently working on a new collection entitled Poems on a Typewriter.

戈列博‧舒普雅科夫,生於1971年,畢業於莫斯科國立大學新聞學系,現居莫斯科。他的第一部詩集《彈指》(2001)獲得「勝利詩歌獎」。他也曾出版過遊記隨筆《格拉巴酒人》(2002)和《叔叔的夢》(2005),小說《希南之書》(2005)、《海嘯》(2008) 和《非斯》(2010),還在俄文雜誌上發表過許多評論文章。他創作的戲劇《普希金在美國》贏得「2005劇中人」大獎。他還把泰德‧休斯和羅拔‧哈斯的詩以及W.H.奧登的散文翻譯成俄文。他的第二本詩集《橡實》出版於2007年,詩全集《防火箱》(Christopher Mattison譯)入選2012年「最佳翻譯書籍獎」候選名單。舒普雅科夫最近出版的詩集是《給雅庫布的信》(2012,英譯本2014),目前他正在寫下一本詩集《打字機上的詩》。