IPNHK POET | Etienne Lalonde


Originally from Montreal, Quebec (Canada), Etienne Lalonde released his first two poetry collections, Je cannibale and C’est encore la guerre, in 1999, at the age of twenty. C’est encore la guerre was a finalist for the Estuaire Terrasses Saint-Sulpice Prize for Poetry and also received a special mention for the Jacqueline Dery-Mochon Prize for Poetry. Histoires naturelles, published in 2010, was awarded the 2011 Felix-Leclerc Prize for Poetry. His critically acclaimed book Devenir vieux came out in 2011. In 2012, Lalonde published Chemins mal éclairés and, in 2013, Vivier, Claude, finalist for both the Émile-Nelligan and the Montreal Poetry Festival Prizes for Poetry. From 2000 to 2012, Lalonde received five grants from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec, as well as one from the Canada Council for the Arts. He was a writer-in-residence at the Quebec Studio in New York and has taken part in international poetry festivals in Russia, India and Denmark.

衣田•拉朗德,魁北克(加拿大)蒙特利爾詩人。1999年以年僅廿歲之齡出版詩集《我是食人族》以及《仍是戰爭》,後者進入艾塔•特雷絲•聖—蘇比絲詩歌獎的決選名單,並在雅克琳•德利—莫崇詩歌獎評審中獲特別嘉許。2010年出版的詩集《大自然的故事》獲得2011年菲利斯—勒可樂詩歌獎。另著有詩集《漸老》(2011)、《暗巷》(2012)、《維維爾•克勞德》(2013) 等,後者獲得埃米爾•內里根詩歌獎以及蒙特利爾詩歌節獎。從2000到2012年,拉朗德一共獲得五次魁北克文藝協會獎金和一次加拿大藝術協會獎金。拉朗德曾爲紐約的魁北克工作室駐留作家,亦參與過俄羅斯、印度及丹麥等地舉辦的國際詩歌節。